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Elevate Your Style with the Vernier Women's Cushion Case Fabric Strap Watch.


For those who appreciate distinctive fashion, the Vernier Women's Cushion Case Fabric Strap Watch is an exquisite choice. Its striking design, featuring a 40mm x 40mm cushion case and a 20mm wide fabric strap, adds a unique dimension to your style.


The cushion case, measuring 40mm x 40mm in diameter, is a distinctive focal point of the design. Crafted from durable alloy, it combines robustness with elegance. The alloy case back ensures the watch's longevity. The bezel is a harmonious blend of alloy and stainless steel, contributing to its distinctive aesthetic.


The 20mm wide fabric strap, extending to 8.5 inches in length, offers a comfortable and adjustable fit while adding a touch of texture to your ensemble. It's the perfect complement to the distinctive design of the watch.


With a Japanese quartz movement, this analog timepiece ensures precision and reliability. Its moisture-resistant feature allows you to wear it with confidence, even in variable weather conditions.


Arriving in a Vernier Gift Box, this Cushion Case Fabric Strap Watch makes a wonderful personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift choice. It's more than a watch; it's a statement of your distinctive style, a conversation starter, and an embodiment of individuality.


Don't settle for ordinary. The Vernier Women's Cushion Case Fabric Strap Watch is a striking and distinctive choice that reflects your unique taste and appreciation for fashion. Make a statement with this exceptional timepiece, combining distinctive design with reliable performance.

Vernier Women's Black Cushion Case Fabric Strap Watch

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